Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have A Cigar

I love cities. I like the countryside too, and visit it often enough and say “aah”, “wah”, “sigh” and other versions of the same. But I like the countryside in the same sense as my mum is ok with gay people - ”I am fine with it as long as you’re not gay”. And so to translate “ I am fine with the burbs as long as I’m not living in one”.

But lately, most weekend trips out of NYC have been to the countryside or some version thereof. Things were getting very close to one becoming soft, nice or vegan. Imagine that (*shivers unrestraint*).This weekend though, Boston beckons. Its going to be really cold, so I’m checking out places where I can stay warm, namely bars, morning hangover brunch places and the like.

Today I took a sick day from office. Damn tonsilitis again. Had hot milk, lots of cereal and after that, for the last 7 hours, its been a bottle of Spanish merlot and once that finished, a bottle of Australian port (always thought port was something that came only from Portugal). The merlot is muy bien, but the port is what really got me done, even though I didn't give it enough respect as a dessert wine. I love sick days.

Today I also blew up a months rent on this trading account. Am playing it cool though. Did scream and hired a voodoo guy to bankrupt the trading account company. He says it’ll take some time, its only magic. So yes, as you can see, using humour as defense against stupid decisions. Won’t be the first.

Today, I read a gahzillion blogs and saw a gahzillion funnies on the boob tube. I think Turk has funnier lines than JD in Scrubs. Also, I realise, having lived in NYC for a while, I find Seinfeld funnier than I did and can sooo relate to it (Ironically enough, they were showing “the stock tip” episode. There’s a line in there somewhere that Jerry says - “I know the Dow fluctuates. I just got fluctuated out of four thousand dollars”. I laughed and then sighed. You know those moments). And I also realised that Friends has now become lame. It has its funny moments, but enough with the re-runs already.

Today was just a thursday.

Today, normal people in the UK learnt that they could potentially earn more money than film school graduates. Here. Alright Youtube! tell them that education is useless when it comes to pop culture.

Ok then. I need to finish the Californian Pinot Noir now. Its been a hell of a global ride this has.


Anki said...

I have been at a film school... n i learnt about the fantastic fortune of normal people the first day at school

CrazyDiamond said...

But you're making artsy bollywood movies, aren't you?

Aurora said...

Saala bevda. :p

CrazyDiamond said...

What I was really trying to draw out there was that I was sick.

Aurora said...

Right. Sorry, couldn't quite catch that over all the alcohol you were having to feel better. ;-)

Dhiren said...

Nice one with the drinking. The only solution to life's problems.