Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloodbuzz Ohio

Damn, I'm in love with this song.
I keep singing "I still owe money, to the money, to the money I owe...", more than I should. I'm probably going to subject it to overkill and in the process hate it. And I don't want to hate it. Sigh.

And I just sang that line 2 more times while writing all that.

Ah well.

But...but if you want a change, watch a french movie. Cause I'm assuming your regular fare is hollywood/bollywood. And I'm throwing it out there that you want a change (who doesn't?). So go on, try one...and you'll know why. It's the camera angles, the portrayal of life, the lines, the dialogues. They just express things so differently. I'm convinced it's a cultural thing. There's more drama outside of france. In the dialogues, not in the lives they live. Lives are dramatic everywhere.

I like them french movies. For the moment that is.

And if you ask me for suggestions, I'll just frown your way. Cringe perhaps. Reviews/suggestions are for losers. For settlers.

Don't be a settler. Catch the trade winds. Sail.

Fuck me. I sound so preachy, and so optimistic at that,'s probably just a phase. Allow me this sin.