Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Handbags And Gladrags

These are lean days in the blogging world. The economy's not doing too well either. Not that they're related but I thought I'd just put it out there.
Actually, come to think of it, companies and bloggers are shutting down alike - so maybe they are related.

Does it matter? In the long run, not at all. In the short run, bah who cares. They're all the same. Capitalists and bloggers. Who'd have known, eh?

So I had this post created for the longest time. Like 2 months back or something. It's been sitting in the post list and weeping to get out. It was hilarious at the time. A list of a few of the gtalk chats I've had with my insane gtalk friends. I swear they're insane. And it's too late also. They think they have a good thing going. The insane bit that is.

But things are getting a bit dry, so why not let it out. It's been weeping after all.

And you might not find them funny the way I do, but hey, at least I'm not cribbing about a relationship this that, or preaching insightful ways to live life.

Or putting up a shut down notice. Which, though fun they are, is against our religion. I'd rather walk away sneakily. Hate goodbyes. Sniff.


CD: "How's it going, BFF?"
Guy1: "What does BFF stand for? b^ttf$%king fantasies?Pardon my french"
CD: "It's up for debate really. It could be anything as random as bum fum foo's. But why blame the French?"
Guy1: "Because the french are f$!^kng cu£$%ts. Pardon my french."

CD: "hehe"
Guy1: "Did BFF mean Best Friends Forever? If it did, remind me to beat you up when we meet."------

Girl1: "I got an iPod as a gift"CD: "Dammit"
Girl1: "And a donkey in a happy meal"

CD: "I hate you"
Girl1: "my life is complete"
CD: "I made a voodoo doll of you"
Girl1: "show me"
CD: "There - did it hurt on your left arm"
Girl1: "nope but it made me want to get a glass of wine"------

Girl2 : heheCD : hehe
CD : How come you laugh like me.
CD : "hehe" and not "haha"
Girl2 : haha is stupid. Too much effort.
CD : too much.
Girl2 : hehe is much more easy, comes naturally. Hoo hoo is the hardest. So is hee hee.
Girl2: yeah, so hehe it is.

CD : Fuck, you’re crazy
Girl2: you’re fadacked.------

Guy2 : oh btw, just between us
CD : shit, gay moment
Guy2: Whatever dude. So, * insert serious love interest's name * has had a lesbian experience
CD : nice. So?
Guy2: She wanted to take the girl home and the girl said no.
CD : Maybe she’s lesbian. No sex for you, ever for life.
Guy2: much for telling you. That’s my fear.
CD : Maybe she’s bisexual.
Guy2: Maybe
CD : I highly doubt it. Once they go there, they never come back.
CD : No sex for you. Ever for life.
Guy2: ok so much for telling you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tweeter And The Monkeyman

I want to write a happysad post.

You know the kind...

It’ll make you whimper, sniff a little, then slowly (but surely) make you open those ducts and let the tears unwillingly drop out...sob by sob.

...and almost at the same time, your lips will be curling, that smile would be creeping up, your stomach would be doing flip flops, and you’ll burst a happy smile.

Oh, it’ll mess you up so much.

And if you’re sitting in something public like a subway, you’ll suddenly look up and blind people with those blushing red cheeks.

A crazy brilliant smile and tears running constantly.

People might even take a step away from you.

...just you wait.