Monday, January 7, 2008

A Story About A Girl

Well well well. With all the anti social-ness that I try portray and further... one jumped the virtual barrier and the cocoon it offered...and met a fellow blogger. In the flesh. Yup.

It turns out its not that scary a proposition really.

She came for a visit to NYC (from a place she won’t mention for the last 5 years) and she made a promise that she wasn’t an axe yielding psycho before we met. But then again, bigger promises have been made and I had to tag along a friend (to be fair, he just happened to be there really and not for my safety...just clarifying...I took along a bottle of mace for my safety :)... I mean it could be a 60 year old fat fart looking for “fun” you know...its been known to happen.

So having survived all that, Aurora, we’re a fan. That girl is a bundle of fun, all spunk, wit and laughter rolled into one. She really is.
We met only for a few and had a couple of drinks, and wished it was more. The fun part was connecting all the dots that each others blogs have been about. The vicarious life made real...well almost. And getting drunk. She’s a great drunk.

It was fun.

Her brother was most amused and so was tag-a-long friend. Honestly, so was I.

Disclaimer :- The author would like to caution innocent young uns that “ a lot of nice things turn bad out there and that its still a bad world,”. So please be taking big brothers, bottle of mace or other weapons before meeting bloggers. It could be 60 year old fat farts looking for “fun”.


Renovatio said...

Eh, I didn't do that with Scoutypoo. She, on the other hand, brought along two people. Heh.

Aurora said...

At least I'm not 60. Your lucky day, eh? :)

CrazyDiamond said...

@reno: see she followed my advice, or my advice to be in this case. Same diff.

@aurora: The mace bottle came back with me unopened... Your lucky day!..hehe...say hi to bro will you.

Renovatio said...

I'm actually getting a pocket knife soon in a few days that can fit on a belt holster. That and a box of tiny screwdrivers. I may be anal.

Aurora said...

I'm sorry Reno, but using "tiny screwdrivers" and "anal" in the same sentence just doesn't sound right! :P Besides if you are as tall as that, what do you need to defend against? People like me boxing your knees?

Oh and CD, no hi to Bhaiya. He is freaked out enough as it is! :P

Renovatio said...

Wait for a future post to get the anal thing.
Fact is, regardless of how tall or strong or sexy I am, if some massive jaat dude wants to rape me, there isn't too much I can do to stop him unarmed, especially if he has a few friends who want to do it too.

Aurora said...

As much as I love what you have written here CD, and I totally think that a post about me makes for wonderful reading, I also think it is time for a new one yo! Stop disappearing. Facebook-ing is NOT a substitute for blogging. :P

CrazyDiamond said...

oh get over yourself...people have lives you know.

:P to you. :)

Aurora said...

Of course you have a life, CD. That is why you had to come and reply to my comment immediately after I happened to mention on Facebook that I had left a new one! :PPPP

Sigh. I so do crack me up. Crown is mine.

CrazyDiamond said...


....if you manage to decipher that you will realise its the wittiest response ever retaliated with.

a-live said...

LOL! Not all people you meet online are knife wielding psychopaths or 60 yr olds looking for "fun"..

Infact, I met one of my friends online a few years back and though I was pretty scared to meet him, it turned out really well..Though ofcourse I must admit, I was careless enough to nt take anything to hit back with in case some untoward turned up..but did call him at a familiar place. LOLz..Although, driving around the city at midnight on the first meeting wdnt be called exactly normal ..
hell! I've been silly.. But it ws tonsa fun! *smirks*
Uh..clarification not the 60yr old lady kinda "fun"!