Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wasted Hours

It's probably too late. You've most likely already moved on to the next big thing and this, coming so late as it is, might leave a stale taste. But it's uncontrollable now. I have to let it out.
So I'll say this, cause I will say it, but I'll do you one. I'll say it real fast and without the danger that is emotion.

After I'd supported the buggers for 3 world cups.12 years. They finally delivered.
Ah espania, much against your "la roja furia" name, I say you're like safe drivers. Better late than never. I don't care either way. I would have rejoiced equally if you'd sped, swerved, scratched and still won. But thanks.

So much better I feel now.

And what else?
...and then there's been life. It's been trying to catch up with me for a while now...which it did and so I had to take care of that.

I'm going to sip some wine, listen to music and try and lose it once again. Life that is.