Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It's been a while now
I can still see the frivolous plot
On it's hinges of brown
Rusted and broken down.

It was I recall
A trip to a place called Elvendore
When we all decided to let it out
Long hair, tattoos, the smoke and the water
The big bikes with neon signs
And the live it free flavour
She was one of us
Torn jeans, nipple rings
And the meanest language you ever did see
It was fun
We were young
We were free.
We carried it off for a year
Or was it two or three
The smoke clouds my memory.

But why did it all grow up?

I'm not sure how
I'm not sure why
Maybe it just drifted away
In a twisted sense with destiny
I met her yesterday
In a place not far away;
But that wasn’t her case.
She called it ‘settling down’
Her hair was long
The tiara sparkled like a song
And the black designer dress...

What made her change?
Why couldn't she have remained the same?
Now she worries without a worry
She’s scared they’ll steal her money
She kept asking me to see her fancy cars
The big bungalow without a scar
The swimming pool by the bar
And how she’s the only millionaire
Within a mile of here

Now I’m back in my world
Of a handful of love and luck
And as I ask the man
Behind the wooden fence
To pour another one of his wonder drinks
A smile creeps to my face
Filled with memories and a broken down faith
Maybe someday
After she’s got what she wants to say
After they’ve stolen all her money and run away
Maybe then we’ll meet in Elvendore
And be free again.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Illusions in the stream

And you didn’t do it
No no no no no
And she didn’t want it
Oh no no not at all
It was always all the rage
Fashion had me in a cage
I was justifying all the time
Its easy once you know the rhyme

So it wasn’t meant to be
A phase in the vastness of memory
But what of this love still left inside of me
Where’s this Cupid when you need him most

And now its only an illusion
No no no no no
So you’re still trying to fight it
Oh no no not at all
It was always all the rage
Fashion had me in a cage
Could I open up your heart
Could I maybe break free

It’s a game I can’t play
The rules, they don’t make sense
At least not today
Not when you said no way

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen....from Westmount, Quebec....i bring to you Leeeoooonard Cohen

"Maybe there's a God above
But all I've ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya"

oh this Leonard Cohen - he gives me the bumps of the goose..the cryptic poetry, the crazy voice....goes way beyond the ordinary, and in case there's some wise ass out there - ordinary's just not good, at least not today!

--- this, coming from a guy who always thought that nobody epitomized the insanely famous "blue light popping roman candle" phrase better than Morrison ( who to be fair it was attributed to after all) - but doubts plague me now...and Leonard baby - if I could will my whole being and deliver a phrase so powerful as to make that Morrison guy be buried under you in the annals of history or what have you....I’d not blink me eye!.