Saturday, August 8, 2009

Donna And Blitzen

I’ve just woken up from a dream filled sleep and it’s raining on the streets right below my window. I have Tiny Dancer streaming from the speakers in the room. It makes the rain drops dance.

There’s an old samurai saying “Rain is only a problem if you don’t want to get wet”. The Samurais and the Russians, for some reason, seem(ed) to have a way with aphorisms. But it's too early in the morning to wonder why.

I’d ideally have liked to put on the radio instead. Cause deep down inside, I feel music coming from a playlist or the like sounds, for lack of a better word, stale. Like in a bar or a club.
With no radio jockey talking between the songs, about the songs, about the band, filling you in with what little trivia he/she knows, the music doesn’t sound - how do I say it? - fun.
But they play shitty stuff these days on radio. Hip Hop is not conducive to anecdotal radio jockey stories. There is no story behind the lyrics anymore.

Video might have killed the radio star, but hip hop’s dancing on his grave.

The title song is from Badly Drawn Boy. Isn’t that a cool name? It's from a character in a children's show. If you had to choose a stage name, what would it be?

A friend of mine recently got married and she walked down the aisle to this song.

Badly Drawn Boy’s originally from the UK, came to america, stayed a while, played a while, got homesick and went back home. He claims to be happier now.

I feel like a homesick badly drawn boy.