Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Slang

I want biting wit. The sharp kind. Not like the one they’d sell at an IKEA for $10 and under $5 in a sale. More like the kind that you’d find being auctioned in a Sotheby’s (or Christie’s, they both price fix equally well), filled with mysterious, unknown, mostly overseas buyers.

I want fleeting time. Not the kind that is the Roadrunner cartoon, which is always tearing across. More like Sonic the Hedgehog, walking, enjoying one moment and then zipping by another, all at the press of a button (or for the need of a better time).

I want dreams. Not the sit at home kinds. But the ones with balls, big enough, to cross the border and become plans.

I want love. Not of the Romeo and Juliet variety, oh so fickle, so sudden, naive and so short.


Anonymous said...

Dreaming of big balls isn't as romantic as you might think. So many men stronger than you have thrown their backs out trying to lift :).

Pri said...

yeah good luck with that.

Aurora said...

I like this one. And 2 out of 4 things you want are in your control.

CrazyDiamond said...

@anon: Hehe...funny. But we do tend to steer clear of the R word. It is but alien, the same as Lua is but an extension.

@pri: Is that sarcasm one detects?

@aurora: cause ofcourse wit and time I already have...right?

Aurora said...

Dream on, kid. :P

But seriously, I was trying to say dreams and love are in your control. You can make them happen if you try.

a-live said...

I'll say all 4 r in ur hands.. or rather..ur mind! :)

just my two cents!

Anki said...

so do we


CrazyDiamond said...

@aurora: I repeat...cause ofcourse wit and time I already have..right?

@a-live: my god, thanks for all those comments,girl...but one is very suspicious of sudden attention. Do I owe you anything from the past? Or are you just trying to spoil me? spoiling is ok, in fact is recommended.

@anki: Wherever have you been? And those are all my wants. Get your own bag. :)

a-live said...

@ CD:
I'll say nah to both the Qs..
About the suspicious sudden attention..I'll give u a few options that you can please yourself with or discard.
So it could be:
1. Just a random gal who had loads of time to kill and stumbled on a blog and just read through it!
2. A bored blog spammer!
3. There's a method to this attention, and I want revenge, only I'll play sugar till the right moment!
4. I know who you are and tracked you down, so that I could have some laughs by stalking and bugging you.
5. Just a fat n needy 60 yr old looking for fun! :P

hehe...hope you'll have as much fun joining the dots as I had in puttin them here!