Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here Come's the Sun

This is not a review things blog. Not even close. Except existential angst, we don't review any thing. And even then that is mentioned in a can't-do-fuckall-about-it way.

It's the difference between cookbook authors and fiction writers. This blog doesn't cook.

But then again, they say, the best reviews are written by someone with an outside eye. We've been known to agree with "they" every now and again... and since it's already a habit...

Delhi is the topic at hand. South Delhi to be exact. It's not the Delhi of my youth for much has changed. It's also the Delhi of my youth for much is still the same.

Turquoise Cottage has closed down. That's a pity. It's obviously not irreplaceable, for even now, Opus in Vasant Vihar claims to be a TC from the past. I beg to differ though. But at least they're trying. They're also currently debating the question - is it better to have tried and lost or not to have tried at all?

Of the new lot of yuppie favoured places - there's Smokehouse Grill, in GK2, for one. It's highly wanna be, with it's policy of couples only at the bar (even when it's empty). If you tell them that you'll be sitting at the restaurant upstairs, they're fine though. The passively aired music's a pain, but there are rock nights and DJ nights. So there might be hope yet. The ambiance I like, with it's pop art walls. But the real cracker were the starters. I loved the chorizo I ordered. The cocktails , with their smoked range, were ok. Trying too much they were.

TGIF is still TGIF. The Vasant Vihar one. It's not the special place to meet in - I don't think it ever wanted to be. But it's the harmless, after work, watch the IPL match of the day place. That's still an enviable spot to be in. The music's become pissful though. The cocktails are still fantastic.

Urban Pind (like the name btw), in GK1, is a tad bit different. The Khajurao art replicated on the walls, is very in your face and very much needed to break the two faced conservatism that is Delhi. I really like the cocktails here.

The crowd though, was much better in Smokehouse and TGIF.

Shalom, GK1, is a sham. I'd stay away and rather sit in a coffee shop. Which by the way are open till 2-3 am on a weekday! There's a no alcohol after 12:30am regulation in delhi. Caffeine, often claimed to be more addictive in certain circles, is as yet not regulated. Wait till the left takes over. Hopefully their idiotic brains haven't visited Urban Pind as yet.

On that the best coffee shop is still Yellow Brick Road, in the Ambassador. My college days came streaming back when I went a revisiting.

Five stars still rule the after midnight market. And after getting an earful of bad music and sometimes bad company, we'd often end up in the sterile environment of a five star's coffee shop. Debating, contemplating and just being there.

So those were my five nights in Delhi.

But bear in mind. This is not a review blog. Judge us as you must, for that is your prerogative, but know, sticks and stones....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Cutter

It's been a while and I itch. No, not in the wrong places. It's the metaphor I'm looking for.

I itch intellectually. I itch for answers. I itch for good company. I also itch on my nose. It could be related. Like the butterfly effect?

I don't like the word "itch" now.

In Delhi at the mo. Vacationing I am. Liking it? - maybe.
Actually, in 2 years, I am going to be based and working out of Delhi. I have thought this through and through. It's happening. Decided? - definitely

But 2 years is an infinity.

oh Murphy, why did you have to have a law. I know you said what you had said, in jest most likely. I know you meant well. I know it. But it's messing with me at the present. Treating me as a guinea pig. Empirical evidence I understand.

Why would she ignore me now? Is it because now, I like her?
Same rant, you say.
I would have an answer for you, but I need to scratch my nose.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Civil War

Yes, I have one going on and like the song "I don't need one more war".

Vegas tomorrow; again; company award this time - the suckers are paying for it. "Highest individual bullshit blah blah want-to-work-you-to-the-bone but-still-have-to-entice-you award". Despite the cynicism, I'm taking it. It's Vegas and I fucking deserve it. Corporate America is finally conquered. So anyway, Vegas tomorrow.

Having one of those brilliant weekends - feels strange that it's been that long that I had one this nice. Despite the apprehension, I'm enjoying it.

So kiss me and smile for me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In My Life

She told me to look at London with goodbye eyes. I did. And then I realised I was her London as well.

Manhattan has a big green mass, Central Park, that cuts right through its middle. It also has the East Side and the West Side. If you’re on the east of Central Park, you’re on the East Side and if you’re on the west of it, you’re on the West Side. No, the American’s aren’t very creative with these sort of things.

It’s funny how now, we both live on the same street, but the exact opposite sides of the island. Exactly different directions. A sign? Of how it was never meant to be? Bah!

I don’t venture to the east side much. It’s a planet all on its own to me. Not a friendly one. No. Everyone looks like her. Every corner I turn I almost bump into her. Every boy there is going to flirt with her. Every coffee shop has her caffe latte order placed, the one with soy milk. My pace is always quickened and my gaze furtive when I’m there. It’s plain bizarre.

All based on a green swathe some people call Central Park.

Do humans mark their territory too?