Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sympathy for the Devil

Bhutan’s a crazy country, but then again I think most countries are crazy in their own crazy ways.
Its a very pretty country too, even though that comes at a price for the Bhutanese. But thats a story for a later day.

So interestingly, when I went a visiting Bhutan I heard this story about the great non-vegetarian Buddhist race. You heard me.

And the story went ....

When Buddhism spread to Bhutan, there wasn’t much that grew in terms of agriculture. The locals thrived/survived on the meat of the land and as little farming as was needed ( I know its a bummer, but you do need some veggies!).
Now there’s a dictum in buddhism, which states that whatever you get in alms you have to eat it (emphasis on the “have to”). So it came to be that the early monks went begging for food in Bhutan and got only meat to eat, which they.... well ate. It was the Dictum you know.

To cut long stories short ( thats also a general protest), slowly Bhutan became predominantly Bhuddist. Ummm, predominantly Non Veg Bhuddist. But there was a slight problem - buddhists don’t kill. So, who then?

Simple really - they herd the sheep near a cliff and scare them ( with sticks and screams) over the cliff and claim to the great stomach god that they didn’t kill, but hey, now that they’re dead why waste it.

Man - 1 God - 0. Bring it on.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Masters of War

An Immovable object. An Unstoppable force. Poor Immovable object.

War. Now thats not an interesting concept. Depends who you ask (which is the case with everything really, now isn’t it?). But what is war and what is it good for (go ahead sing the rest).
Its not worth the blood, but thats not the point. Its not worth the money, but maybe there should be a point to that. For isn’t the short term gain all that matters to overcrowd the pain and perhaps thats the answer to Dylan’s question as he croons:

“ Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul”

Ah Dylan. Crazy innocent Dylan. Who cares? Who’s seen death take its toll, Dylan? Or lived to tell the tale. Hah!

Meandering of thoughts aside, we’ve had wars since the beginning (the beginning of whatever) and they’ve all been justified - so what if its the victor who justifies, who writes - so what. So what if there are protestors crying hoarse. That is the nature of protestors.

Not sure what I am attempting here (if anything this is not a justification nor a protest) but was listening to Dylan and thought this up.

Then iTunes shuffles and now Dylan’s trying to take on religion.

Ah religion. Now thats not an interesting concept.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam

hehehehe....oh my god ( I believe its really omg nowadays, but I can't spell for nuts anyway :))

anycase, the point being, I have been laughing my ass off on these videos, exactly what I did when they came out...and its only fair to share.
So laugh you lovely people laugh. Or don't if you don't want to. Just don't blame me if you die poor, alone and unloved and your rotting corpse is eaten by your cats who by now are your only friends.

My pheborit is the gabbar dialogue at the end of the sholay one.

sholay special :

ask the punkass :

simpu singh :

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ziggy Stardust

Its been a while now me hearties, but with great power comes great responsibility. Ah! fear not, even I don’t know what I say.

But its been a good couple of weeks - of the bitter sweet variety. There have been the usual award winning worker bee days, the almost romances and the happy melancholic wine drinking lava lamp watching reflective days.
Elaborate I shall. For the show shall go on.

So I embarked on my first business trip in the new job, but the whole troupe of us was besieged by the weather demon. Planes were cancelled, hotels were rebooked, long queues among saddened faces were beared - I don't like business travel already. But it was all worth it, for you see, an award I was given at the company gathering once the planes landed. Me. A worker bee. A glorified worker bee. My kingdom for the abandonment of a hippie.

A friend's visiting over and she has this notion of love that is so sweet and pure that its just not true. But you try and argue with her. There’s always true love around the corner waiting to happen, somebody who truly loves you for the end of time and you will find her she says. But what if... you will. But I did and will. But it doesn’t make sense will and it makes sense.
Ah women!

And then there are the almost romances. What is up with that? Its like everyone likes everyone....but just to that extent. The fear of romance ( some call it commitment) lingers evermore. I see it so often. Everyone’s putting it off for, studies, just plain unsure, or waiting for the love around the corner. So many wasted chances, so many. To steal a fellow bloggers words “ its like there are women and there are no women in my life all at once”.
Nobody's willing to sail into the wind anymore....suppose thats the bane of maturity.
(I tend to overuse “everyone" so excuse the extremism)

And then the week ended in a bang. It had been long in the planning, but plans like these never lend themselves well to planning. So on a random Sunday afternoon, under the glare of a neon sign, on a whimsical notion under whimsical influences, we bought tickets to that great gig in the sky. The date is set. Vegas is mine to conquer. I will be Ziggy. I will play guitar.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Changes it does

There’s got to be a change here. This blog seems too impersonal. I am not even very clear on when the whole blog thingy started up and why I ventured forth....perhaps a penchant for being part of the wagon...”everyone’s doing just sit around anyway...perhaps you have interesting things to say, you never do shut get on the wagon brother”...get I did.

Anyway, since it’s in motion and I am apparently in possession of one blogger ID, I feel the need to comply...

So there are two types of blogs feels I. The ones that “write for self”, the ones that “write for others”...mine was (is) a write for self.....which is why it was all impersonal. “Write for selfs” rarely go into vast monologues about their recent escapades. I mean I just lived them moments a while back and now I should write it in flowery linguistic appeal only to post it on the mean ass WWW. That just stinks of “Write for others”....hence the the poetical, philosophical, non-autobiographical bent of the erstwhile-to-be blog of mine.

Why the perceived need for change?
Its too boring.The fun blogs are the “write for others’. I want to be a fun blog. I shall write my day to day wanderings in flowery ramblings. Q.E.D.

But then that nagging irritating questioner in the background asks, who’s the “others” you write for einstein....the “Others” was just for purpose of distinction dear Watson.

I hate the titles though for every post. If I choose a title before writing the post do I need to structure it to suit the title. Isn't that a trifle constraining. If I choose afterwards, then what title would be best as the post does not comply to one definition. Ah choices!

Come to think of it I lead a decently boring life...a very boring life...I could lie...I’m not good at lying. Maybe I could intersperse a bit of the “write for self” with the “write for others”...a bulb lights up somewhere in the background...a hybrid blog. With new brimming confidence my mind succumbs to the artificial comfort screaming " bring it on".

Egoist you say, I say ok.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

So much depends on the weather

Its a cold november...lets make that a cold dark november...hmmm....actually, why? Enough of the dark poetry and the cynicism. I’m going to make it a bright refreshing March. Why March? Cause there’s this madness everywhere...and then there’s the hope...of better days. April might be a bitch but nobody knows yet. Might be the worst summer ever. But in March who can tell and ignorance my friend is bliss...

Ah, "so much depends on the weather....
so is it raining in your bedroom...."

and then blame wandered in...ah blame, you sweet sister of the eternal twins...there is no space between you and your side, will you wander aimlessly or is there some new world order you’re piercing together.

Look around you, all you see are sympathetic eyes.

But seriously, so much depends on the weather. And summers here - that calls for a smiley...don't you think :)