Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advice For Young Mothers To Be

Man, I don't know about you, but I could easily do with a vacation. The need has never been greater. I need to get the hell out, soak in some mojo, get rejuvenated, smile a little, laugh a lot. Take a trip. Maybe two, maybe three million.

Coincidentally, we are hopping on a few metal birds and whooshing to new lands for a few days, soon. But soon is 5 days away. 5 days is like 5 million from where I'm sitting. 5 million is a few million too many.

I've started using big numbers now to elaborate. I blame the multiple financial crises for instilling the usage of these big numbers in my daily vocabulary. 20 billion, 1.4 trillion and such. If I would have said 500 days instead of 5 million days, it wouldn't have cut it. I'm a man of the times and the times demand big huge humongous numbers.

Now instead of saying I'll have it done in a day or two, I say I'll have it done in a day or 20,000. My boss never quite gets that line. He's obviously not of the times.

Going to Singapore and then Sri Lanka. Both island countries. Shit I just realised that. Not that it matters but I'm chuckling at making that connection. So spontaneously brilliant. It must be cause I'm royalty.

Going to meet my craziest bestest friends in Singapore and then The Girl's family in Sri Lanka, where we've planned to take up a resort in a remote part of town. Kick our feet up, get drunk, eat a lot of seafood ( I love seafood), forget about some things, make new things. That sort of thing.

It might turn out to be very drink heavy. Which is why we decided to not drink 2 weeks before we left. A little sanity to prepare for the insanity. Which ofcourse hasn't worked out. So now, we're instead reaching out to a little insanity to prepare for the insanity.

There, just popped a different perspective pill.