Friday, November 13, 2009

City Of Electric Light

Somethings are hard to change. Like every now and again when I go to a store or the like, I ask for a 'polythene' bag, instead of a 'plastic' bag.

Sometimes, like last night, I get a funny right back at me.

Store clerk: "That's a lot of alcohol. Big Party tonight?"
Me: "No, just me."
Store clerk: "hmm ok"
Me: "Can I have a Polythene bag to take that?"
Store clerk: "A who?"
Me: "A Polythene bag".
Store clerk: "Wow, sure fella, but why do you have to get all chemical on me"

But then again, when I almost start to get used to calling things the 'plastic' bag way, I make a trip back to the mothership.

I'm beaming there this tuesday and yes, I'm planning to go all chemical.