Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Title And Registration

She: “The music’s sad here.”

He: “Yeah. There’s no dearth of sad songs about rainy days and lovers who don’t bring flowers. Here though, they play songs that truly pain - songs so despairing they can make you wonder why you even bother.”

She: “I like it.”

He: “I had a feeling you would.”

She: “No, I like what you said. I don’t care two hoots for the music. Champagne?”

He: “ummm..No, Champagne’s for celebrating. I’ll have a martini. Stirred like crazy”

She laughed. She liked beginnings.


Anki said...

so fresh!

Aurora said...

Tsk. Shaken, child, shaken.

CrazyDiamond said...

@Anki: thanks (I think, since fresh is an ambiguous word).

@Aurora: Yes i know fool...but then she wouldn't have laughed.:p