Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dance Me To The End Of Love

And here I'd almost given up on February.

You'd think that once you'd gone ahead and told the months the roles that they'd play, they'd behave. But really all they do is stick their tongues out at you and make a face. Collectively at that too.

In April, I had whispered to May to tell June that I had the ring. May gave me the stressful hibbie jibbies instead. I'm not even sure if he passed my whisper on.

And then June came. I was ready to fall on one knee. But man, June went on some mischievous-binge then. She threw my game around, surprises around every corner, a hiccup here and a hiccup there, but thankfully, it all played out prettier than a masterpiece. I'll always love June for that.

And then I spared the rest.

Except for February. All I had told February was to hurry up with the wedding. And all the bugger really did was play the immaculate tease.

But now, now it's finally here. And I can hear the music. And I can almost touch her now.
It's started it has.