Saturday, August 30, 2014

Child In Time

Man, time flies. But It didn't always do that. When I was in college or maybe school even, it seemed to drag. Crawled, and at times slowed to miserable panicky nothingness.
Not always of course. But most times or at least times that mattered and stuck like memory tags in my memory reel.

And then it somewhat started to gather steam. Walked, then power walked, jogged and now it's on a real tear. I can't stand runners but this is personal.

And now I'm standing here in my mid 30's and I don't know how I got here so bloody fast. The girl thinks this smells funnily of a mid life crisis. This thinking that is. But I say it's only normal.

But if this gets me a ferrari then why not.

Monday, July 7, 2014

High Hopes

Did you hear? Crazydiamond's back (CD does a stoopid version of "guess who's back? shady's back")
No not me, fools. The real Crazydiamond, or rather his friends.

As you've most likely heard - Pink Floyd is going to release a new album this october. The first since 19 freaking 94. Since the ringing of the Division Bell had begun.
And in answer to the girls' first question on this - yes, I am obviously going mental.

I'm going through all 5 stages, or is it 4. I'm already thinking they won't be able, to be as good as they were. A revival never is. Plus they're old and probably don't like psychedelic lights anymore. But at least they're trying, no they're giving it all. In fact everything points to them being epic, cause theirs was always old wise music. And they've only wisened. They're going to soak in all these 20 years in the middle, roll it all into a long big joint and puff it out into the best emotional mesmerising roller coaster of an album we've ever heard.


In the meantime, I'm going to take the cue. If they're back, I'm going to be back. In this guise, here on the infamous internet blogosphere. For the audience which is a whole number 1. Me. Cause this could be my album my rolled up puff, my cocoon reimagined.

But how to type while you're biting nails in anticipation.
Oh god I sound like a teenage girl. How to slap this teenage girl out of me.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A song used to live here

Sufficient time has passed Watson. Sufficient enough.
To peep out. To start with the ramblings but without the old baggage. With new taunts and with newer brethren still. Or hopefully without even a mouse noticing (We don't care much for the world). Starsky might go so far as to call it a new beginning. That chap was always of the disillusioned variety. A romantic though, but like all romantics...

Yes, a song used to live here. And we've come around to renew it (resing it?). To dust the premises, clean the windows and awaken the old. Take up residence (Retake up?). And gladly fail at doing it all over again. For what's a farce without the well intentioned aim towards failure.