Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

How do you make god laugh?
You make a plan.

Philosophy+comedy. Those are strange bedfellows.

I often philosophise you know. In my head, out loud, to strangers, to god, sometimes even on a blog. And it's grown more as I've grown older - comes with the territory I suppose. Comes with the angst. And angst you see only develops if you've lived a lot, loved a lot, destroyed a lot, missed a lot. Among other things.

Yes, it's got twangs of being very depressive. So why do it?

There's a trick in it really. Career, life, money, babies, old age, friends. How to live, how not to, how to forgive, how to stop asking how to's - you've got to find the silver lining. The comedy. That strange bedfellow to your angst. To your philosophy.

Otherwise it's just words.