Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Lion Man

"These are mad times, mad"
And yes, I'm going to say it again - cause even though I've used that excuse before, I lied. This time though it's real... till I lie again that is.

So yes, life came and took over.
Ah joyous life. That wandering minstrel, that untamable of spirits, that most meddling of beings. It grabbed and I complied. After all, a blog should ideally be the least of one's priorities. A means to get away perhaps, but always a loyal subject, giving way when life needs no getting away from.

But then again, a lot happened and a lot didn't happen. Much like you I suppose. We're all the same after all, each and every one of us. (I'll philosophise soon, cause I'm getting that urge, but not now. Now it's more of a self satisfying need).

So on that front, the travelling diaries had a few pages filled. A couple of notches and if you're of the wizarding variety, more streams to add in your pensieve.

For sometime in the middle of this summer, we hopped across the border to a small town called Mexico City. Which we later found was one of the 3 biggest cities in the world - so not so small after all. And we absolutely, whole heartedly, unambiguously loved it. All 4 days over there. It's got a little of the rustic charm we've been chasing, a little of the good life we've been avoiding. It's delicious.

You know, having been to Colombia and now Mexico, it's easy to make an observation. Latin America, and yes I club Mexico in that, knows how to party. Everyone, or at least the ones we bumped upto, has a smile on their faces and come sun-down a jump in their step, a drink in their hands. As opposed to the work/stress obsessed, calorie counting, very measured city that is New York. Easy enough observation? Yes, perhaps. But I agree, there's always a layer cake.

Then just before winter took over, we went to Rhode Island. A state on the eastern coast here, where it's pretty, but very American. If you know what I mean. It was a good change of pace, nothing else. But more importantly, my parents came on a jet plane to visit us here and they made the Rhode Island trip a colourful one. We laughed and we fought. We played, we merrily swayed and we shared. I found new facets to them and rediscovered old ones. All so interesting, all so enriching. And they finally met the girl. In the sense of actually getting to know and spend time with her.

I miss it all now. That jet plane, it giveth and it taketh. But it was all so good. So very good.

And as my man Seneca said : "As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters."

So how's the good life been treating you fine folks?