Thursday, March 31, 2011


oh man.
It's been real, this month.
Not the kind of "real" I'd ideally want. Which would be the kind sprinkled with spontaneous adventure, crazy parties, sinful deeds... something like that. This one though, was more of the practical variety. Which means it came with boring edges.

Early in the month we got attacked by the american dream. Which in my world translates to, must own house/condo, else haven't really settled. So we tried it. Went condo hunting the land, to try and plunge some serious dough in some not so serious livings. Turns out not so crazy about the dream after all. Also don't trust the US economy enough to make that commitment just yet.

Going to rent and instead plunge some serious dough into the travel dream.

For breathing room there was the birthday. I thought I should start to mellow down a little, live the easy life. The boring edges I mentioned. So instead of meeting everyone for dinner, which on past experience always turned to drinks and watching the sun rise, decided to meet for brunch. The Girl chose the brunch place. Turns out brunch came with unlimited drinks. Should have guessed. Which meant to nurse the brunch hangover we went to evening drinks, which turned to dinner, more drinks and watching the sun rise.

I'm sticking with starting the revelries at dinner time going forward. Going to start mellowing when the lunatics I hang out with mellow first. It's just easier that way.

And yesterday, I came as close to crying as a grown man can (the movies don't count and don't let The Girl tell you otherwise). I lived India beating Pakistan, in the world cup semi finals. Even tried educating the masses here in the US about the game, the craziness. I think they get it, but they have so much to learn still. I missed being back home for this.

So wish us luck for the finals won't you. Unless you're Sri Lankan. Then I wish you luck. It's the right thing to do.

I'll be up in the wee hours of the morning to see the game. It'll be unreal.