Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Times They Are - A Changing

I hate spiders, which is why I'm going to try and break some cobwebs.

So, I was thinking recently. Thinking's a weird activity man. It's all jumbled up in there you know. Millions of paths everywhere, stray thoughts fighting for space and I stay fickle. Which is probably why I don't blog much.

So like I said, I was thinking. Being philosophical and all that. I'm pisces but I understand that scorpios are supposed to be the most philosophical of all the signs. Think Morrison said that. I wasn't taking any of that. Called bullshit on it today and tried to lay claim to that domain. Using one fish to distract the scorpion while the other chomps the shit out of him. Philosophically speaking.

Think pisces are the most fickle of the lot though.

Anyway, thinking/wondering, how time you know, goes by so fast. I'm 31 now. Maybe you're 20, or 40 or some strange age, but regardless, or maybe not regardless, maybe it's relative, but even then - the last 5 years from whereever it is that you're standing, seems to have been a whirlwind. No?

And then again, 2 years into the future, making decisions on what will be, where will we be, how it'll pan out, seems like a lifetime to live.

Uncertainty looks longer ofcourse, even with something as definite and quantifiable as time.