Friday, September 28, 2007

London Calling

Am flying off to London in a few hours...going to meet mum dad and the gang o drunkards I called friends...still call actually. A weeks too short for this kind of thing, but bloody corporate america and its holiday schedule. Anyway, a week will do.

This one's going to be a wicked trip - I can feel it - like my spine's twinging with the excitement it gets whenever I look back at those days, only now it can smell it too...smell it real close.

Hope the weather holds up.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where the streets have no name

Coffee shop conversation (Actually, this happened in Cafe Lalo, yes yes, the same coffee shop as in the movie "You've got mail" and currently its my neighbourhood coffeshop .....only nothing romantic this time, in fact quite the opposite)

Around midnight...

CrazyDiamond: sigh Coffee
AR(Roommate) : Coffee sigh
AR to waitress: Could we also have a Creme brûlée?
CD: ..... What?..anyway...

Coffee and Creme brûlée arrives....

CD: dude! its freakin heart shaped.
AR: yes, but its crispy on the outside.
CD: ........
(much nervous looking is done to see if hot waitress does not feel I much prefer same sex to the opposite)...

After a bite and few hmmmm's

AR: how'd you like it
CD: I like I like
AR: But its heart shaped
CD: yes, but its crispy on the outside
AR: .........

Mad World

What of this world you call love
What of the smiles and the butterflies
What of the long midnight strolls I hear tell
What of the music, the joy that togetherness brings
Pretty picture you do paint
Many a times in your pretty head
But do forgive a cynic every now and again
For I’ve been wondering
What of this world you call love

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Superstar (the Sonic Youth version)

New York has a gahzillion bars playing live music on any given weekend night....I happened to be in one this particular saturday. The first band was a classic (to be read as normal, boring, regular) indie band, complete with a female vocalist.

I understand that is the next big thing in the music industry. Bands with female lead vocalists that is.

They were good but just. The next band though were just fantastic...again indie/alternative with female vocalist. It wasn’t the music, which was great, it wasn’t the composition, which was great too, it were the lyrics...I lived a whole lifetime through them...
If I remember correctly, one of them went like --

“ If I had a time machine,
I could make you mine,
If I had a time machine,
I would set it to yesterday”

Suppose it sounds better when the lights are low, the drummers going crazy, the guitarist is trying out this psychedelic riff he came up with while high on some new age drug and the drinks help absorb it all in....atmosphere is after all what its all about. Oh and the vocalist was mind numbing hot as well...something about hot girls sharing with you in lifes' tragedies and loves' illusionary woven web...

so I shelled 20 bucks and bought their cd. Been listening to it...its good but just.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Final Cut

...... I’m not going anywhere, said the bee to the flower. I have your best interests at heart, for don’t we need each other to live, survive, and do other meaningless random things that God demands of earthly beings....

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll make pretty flowers and little bees....There’ll be disco nights, huge drug parties, little couple dinners....we’ll live pretty flower, we’ll live!

The flower sighed, said you’re so nice, and the words you say melt my yellow heart away....but I see everything while being rooted here and what I don’t see - is enough reason to be. The meaningless random things don’t do anything to me anymore, but I’m not going anywhere either sweet little bee. I’ll do all you said with you and more...I’ll laugh and cry too....

....And then when we go to the great gig beyond the sky, we’ll ask God...was it exactly what you wanted....did we satisfy...

The Bee thought about it all and said, I know there's a moral to every story, but I'm missing the one in this.

The flower, who used to sigh before every line didn't this time but smiled and replied....there's never a moral to any story dear Bee, there's only perspective.

Friday, September 14, 2007

American Pie

Oh tragedy! The number of fans on my orkut profile went down by 2...what the hell is going on? No seriously, what the hell is going on ! I don’t even know which 2, otherwise there is nowhere that those two could hide....I demand to know why I am not fan material anymore....I mean whats stopping the others from running away now.
I logon a scared man everyday.
Luckily, facebook remains unaware of this social decline of mine.

Lately, my roommate and I, have noticed a lot of Indian girls going after gora dudes over Indian mustandas (see I exhibit self inflicting humour too)..what the hell is going on here as well? Well not a lot, just 2, but those were potential girl friend material nonetheless...and very devoted to their ex indian lover boys...what is this behaviour of jumping ships - pray tell. Very confusing especially with the indian ex bf past - we men are simple beings and always expect history to repeat itself....this is unfair we say!

and lastly, I think Manhattan is overrated. Just like that. Places like this tend to be.
But I think Cheetos are underrated..yummm

Monday, September 10, 2007


So tonsilitis ridden I went to a fantastic birthday party, without giving a damn, yesterday night. Being single and missing out on Saturday night - sacrilege!

Not that anything came out of it in terms of breaking the current relationship status...but it was a ball of hay and I was jumping in it un-abandoned. Its so much fun partying with a party lame its funny...

and I have frankly given up on this relationship status not changing anyway. Its like that bullshit cliche...don’t go looking for hear me world...I give up and chase no more...sigh

A friend and I had a lot of heart to heart random conversations this weekend...and she and me realised one thing...these heart to hearts are never random...cause we always ended up talking about just one freakin thing - “relationships”....past, future, exes, nonpresent relationship dilemmas, what will happen in the future yaar kinda things....

Twas decided that all this is just too much for one lifetime and we are to get the randomness back in the heart to the blog being sort of an shall be desisted

what else
fuckin’ ell’...

how about another calvin and hobbes quote:

Hobbes : "What are you doing?"
Calvin : "Being cool."
Hobbes : "You look more like you're bored."
Calvin : "The world bores you when you're cool."

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Ugh I hate getting this tonsilitis every now and then, hate it with a vengance.

I revolted against it - went with a whole attack without medication. Oh yeah you tonsilitis bitch, I can take whatever you can throw.
I rebeled against it - threw alcohol, cubes of ice, icecream, and tobacco down it when it was at its inflated glory most.
I cried for it to go away, I ignored it, I saw movie marathon marathons while under its prowess...

But I never cut them off. I remained part of my body, no matter how badly it misbehaves, was to be let go.

(deadpan, threatening, scary you-know-shit-is-going-to-go-down background music begins)

I don’t throw those tantrums anymore and I think the time has come to let go.

(background music tails off with a closeup of a tonsil screaming and running down the streets of a non-descript neighbourhood)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Country Roads

This labour day weekend had a bad start...thats cause it started very very early. Five of us rode out towards John Denver’s mountain momma at 7 in the freakin morning and man, was is it a long drive. Thank god it was a good group o boys and girls else no one would have lasted.
(Though just between you and me, the diversity in the music was very very difficult to take and I am anything if choosy in that area. Ah well, worse compromises have been made....)

It was a white wafter rafting trip, yes sir, and we had rented this kick ass lodge somewhere in West Virginia with its own hot tub and what not. Ah the pleasures this money thingy can buy.

I actually thought white wafter rafting would be crazy with huge whirlpools and waterfalls to be navigated. Who’d have thought that its a “slightly” toned down version than that, but a load of fun still. People were falling off the raft, jumping into water and we even had our own pirate like boarding of another raft...

and back at the lodge, so much drinking and so much laughing and other silliness continued...West Virginia sure has its unfair share of natural beauty and was even compared to Switzerland by one in the group who had much travel experience in her bag. Putting America in the same league as Europe - Sacrilege I said!

oh and by the end of the trip I was told that my sense of humour is up there with the best..cest moi? - One just cocked his head, laughed, shrugged and got on with making other people’s lives happier :)

A Calvin & Hobbes quote to start things happy today...

"I'm a simple man, Hobbes."
"You?? Yesterday you wanted a nuclear powered car that could turn into a jet with laser-guided heat-seeking missiles!"
"I'm a simple man with complex tastes."