Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea

...I feel like blogging again.

(Why am I not surprised spellcheck didn't catch that, with it's trademark red curly lines, as not a verb - the world changed yet again Jeeves).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

How do you make god laugh?
You make a plan.

Philosophy+comedy. Those are strange bedfellows.

I often philosophise you know. In my head, out loud, to strangers, to god, sometimes even on a blog. And it's grown more as I've grown older - comes with the territory I suppose. Comes with the angst. And angst you see only develops if you've lived a lot, loved a lot, destroyed a lot, missed a lot. Among other things.

Yes, it's got twangs of being very depressive. So why do it?

There's a trick in it really. Career, life, money, babies, old age, friends. How to live, how not to, how to forgive, how to stop asking how to's - you've got to find the silver lining. The comedy. That strange bedfellow to your angst. To your philosophy.

Otherwise it's just words.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Games

I'm feeling crispy. You know... the opposite of mellow I suppose.
I'd started feeling mellow at first. It was just easier. Then I read and I thought and I had happy thoughts and I had happy feelings. Not intentionally of course. That would have been like excercising. They just floated in. The happy ones. On their own. And they've stayed.

I sound retarded. Crispy people perhaps do. I'm in love, which also has a lot to contribute to all this. I've been in love with her for a while. But for some strange reason it's just grown and grown. Like the happy thoughts and feelings, it just floated in and stayed, but unlike them it's grown ginormously whilst inside me. Like a mind of it's own.

It sounds uncontrollable. Love often does. I quite like it all, which perhaps aids the process. I offer no barrier to obstruct the flow. No immovable object to meet unstoppable force. It's a peaceful ginormousness. That just sounds weird.

And I'm going to go and hug her now.