Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oxford Comma

The Crime of the Broken Heart Rhyme
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
Good evening to your exalted selves
Gather round have you
Looking for someone to blame.

A broken heart I believe is the crime at hand.

A horrible way to go
And I understand there’s no emotion left to show.
I wasn’t there I tell you
I wasn’t even close.
Far from the battleground;
But I heard the broken pieces fall.

There must have been tears
Screams and maybe a few fears;
It must have been quite a sight
A fate I couldn’t wish on any of you.

A horrible way to go
Nothing but whispers left behind
Nothing but a new love to find;
And to convince oneself
That it was all perhaps a laugh.

But the question of the blame
Ah, the scrutiny, that old game
The him or her debate
I leave you to that
Let your roving fingers feed
And wish you luck ladies and gentlemen
May your blame be good
For the punishment sometimes don’t seem to fit the crime

*I think I wrote this 7 years back. I was also into aerosmith in those days and so the last line. Thankfully that's a thing of the past. Going through old documents is a mixed bag. Not as cathartic as I thought. I thought I'd share this one out.*


Australis said...

Didn't realize this was your own. Hmmmmm. I think I would have liked you 7 years ago too. :P

Anonymous said...

Very nice.Thanks for sharing.

shenanigans said...

I like it. I always envy people who can write poetry and decently at that. Look forward to seeing more...

Anonymous said...

Nice. :)


Sankalp said...

brilliant as always...

CrazyDiamond said...

@Australis: hmmm, I was pretty likable then. Now it's mostly hit or miss.

@Gigi: Thanks.

@Shenanigans: Thanks. Give it a shot and we'll envy you. :)

@A: Thanks.

@Sankalp: Always is a bit much. but thanks. :)

Anki said...

speaks a lot bout ur cow music dollars