Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Battle Of Evermore

In the olden days, in kingdom-ised India, a man was known by the amount of cows he had. A woman by the man she had. It was simple.

Evolution, along with bringing a multitude of choices in cars and washing machines, has also gone ahead and complicated the simple thing.

I've decided to propose a simple thing. Music.
(Now that man has developed a taste for cow meat, it would be torture to subject food as wealth. So we're leaving cows out of the mix for this one.)

So yeah, tell me your taste in music and I’ll tell you how many cows worth are you. I'm sure its a bit more complicated than that, but blame it on evolution.

I'm also proposing a take at this "evolution" thing. They’ve been telling me for a while now that we’ve become much advanced as a civilization. They throw moon landings, digital cameras, planes that fly faster than sound, disease curing antibodies, central heating at me.

All fair and well. But me, I won’t call us civilized till they throw a beer my way that doesn’t cause a hangover the next day. Now that's a daily useful evolution thing.

Call me a cynic. But know that my music cows outnumber your music cows anyday.


Gigi said...

WOW! 'A man was known by the amount of cows he had'. Very interesting.

Australis said...

Well, you know my music better than anyone else. How many cows do you reckon I'm worth?

Careful now... :P

Anonymous said...

most of my music comes from you... ooops.

Anonymous said...

hehe... cows' worth indeed! What's the scale of measurement, anyway? Its different for everyone, no?

P.S: I like rock-classic, soft ,alternative; country & the oldies. Can't stand heavy metal. And if my cows' worth comes out less, your scale's flawed. :P


Gigi said...

Have a great weekend.Dovisit my blog also.

CrazyDiamond said...

@Gigi: Yeah! Or maybe it's only rumours. History is a mystery, Gigi.

@Australis: Hmm...better than anyone else? wow. Ok we crown you master shepherd in the music cow kingdom.

@Anon: then you dear Anon are worth a star.

@A: It ofcourse is different for everyone. Unless I crown myself priest for life...hmmm...my flawed scaled needs more information. Those choices are true for almost everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

hehe..so you do admit your scale's flawed. :D
Any more irrefutable theories up your sleeve, eh? :P


sasa said...