Thursday, January 15, 2009

Red Right Hand

You know what it is.
I haven’t bought a book in ages!

There’s been something missing for a while. A tiny nagging something, a tiny something that’s very good at hiding itself but like a little child playing hide and seek can’t stop giggling from behind it’s hiding place.

That giggling finally gave it away, cause only yesterday I crossed a book shop and it hit me. I hadn’t bought a book in 2-3 months or more. Why? I don’t know. I don’t usually do this. I’ve often felt books are my shoes (that’s the closest to an obsession analogy I can come up with from my hearings of women lore).

The right side of my brain wants to come back with a vengeance and buy a shitload. But the left side gasps at that thought and suggests a methodical approach. Since the left side is obviously the high maintenance one, it wins.

Any suggestions?

oh and a happier new year and all that.


shenanigans said...

Buying a book gives me almost as much, if not more pleasure than a pair of shoes. Which is why two things on my Ikea list for the new apartment are more bookshelves...and shoeracks!

Zee said...

i've been picking up the most random books since the don't go by my recommendation! but let me know if you come across something worth a read...

Anonymous said...

Wow, I felt VERY similar while crossing the Strand bookstore in NY recently..not only had I not bought a book, I hadn't even read one in a long time ( bitch grad school, sucks all the fun reading out of you). Buying book is cathartic though, esp when its close to Max Brenner and you can follow the good feeling with obscene doses of chocolate :P

I would recommend the White Tiger if you haven't read it yet!


Asphodel said...

Ah I feel ya! My problem is slightly different, I'm looking for a book that could match the tempo of say... Douglas Adams; but I'm stuck with 5 Milan Kunderas that I bought lately....

Aurora said...

Calvin and Hobbes. Yes, each collection of those happy pill-like panels is a book. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly a philistine.

The happy traveller said...

The Life of Pi (still manages to mystify me)
P.G Wodehouse- the Psmith series, the Blandings series, The Jeeves series
James Herriot - the vet series
A Case of exploding mangoes - (my latest find) so good, so absurd, so maybe true.
I also heard good reviews about the White tiger.
Dick Francis - if you love horses and the racecourse many, so many to choose from

CrazyDiamond said...

@Shenanigans: And alcohol?

@Zee: So I picked up "Zorba the Greek". Comes highly recommended and I'm loving it so far. Break the random books trend with this dear zee.

@kangana: what's with the anon business eh? I love that bookstore...books and chocolates though not sure.

@Asphodel: tell me tell me when you find. Or wait, try Terry Pratchett.

@Aurora: I'm Calvin. Want to be Hobbes. We'll find a suzie and throw snow balls at her.

@THT:oh many new ones I haven't read. Nice.

The happy traveller said...

hey traitor, I thought we'd decided I was Hobbes. That's it! I voted u out of the GROSS club.

Oh yes, Terry! very nice, have to try and read one of those in English.

Asphodel said...

Hey, I was about to pick up Terry Pratchett but wound up picking up this booked with a yellow cover reviewed as "sunny delight"

Swept it up, indeed! Carl Hiassens "Basket case"

I hope it measures up...