Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Big Holiday

Sometimes these vacations start ever too slowly - sometimes even painfully. You’d be in the middle of one and it wouldn’t even feel like it. Going even so far, as to be quite the opposite of what it intended out to be.

Sometimes they hiccup, threatening to stall but coming through at the very last moment. Like old yet faithful cars. Or unplanned for Visa issues. It's really the same thing, no? :)

Then there are the vanilla vacations. Neither here nor there, but good for the soul. Nothing more.

And then, then there are those that start way before. Way before the actual holiday would. As the days narrow to the flight date, the tingling in your spine becomes both, unbearable and a new found love. The scent alone drives you mad. And there's also the constant stupid smile on your face you have to deal with.

I have to go to work on Monday and then I leave for the actual holiday on Tuesday. If my boss manages to get any work out of me on Monday, I’ll readily buy him a bottle of the choicest scotch and mysteriously put it on his desk. The impossible deserves costly gifts.


Aurora said...

"I know what you mean", said your companion with the stupid smile. Randomness is striking too, clearly.

The happy traveller said...

Have fun stalker. You'll never catch me alive..

Anki said...

i m still on the last kind

enjoy urs

Asphodel said...

I managed to sneak me an extra holiday, it was a more surreal kind as I went through it as dazed as drained zombie. Have a nice hol...

CrazyDiamond said...

@Aurora: companion, wasn't the stupid smile all worth it?

@The happy traveller: When you least expect it, I'll jump u on some corner, say boo and go away.

@Anki: That's the best phase really.

@Asphodel: Oh I miss and love those zombie holidays. Can't find enough alcohol junkies anymore. Sigh, the pains of growing up.