Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where Is My Mind?

It snowed the whole weekend here. I swear. I saw it with my own eyes. I wonder if the novelty of it will ever wear off. Perhaps if I lived in Canada or Finland. Doubt it though - all that snow, I’d be like Calvin, building suicidal snowmen all day long.

This year, I finally got over the novelty of resolutions though.

Tried Twitter yet? I did. It was intriguing in the beginning and then the, ahem, novelty of it, nosedived without warning. And I thought narcissism would be fun. We’ll just stick to the blog now shall we.

Also, this damn recession is getting a bit much. With all the hulla bulla, I feel suddenly broke and poorer. Despite any change in finances. This just confirms I’m a sucker for marketing.

So today I asked my boss - “Umm, will we get a bonus?”. He turned around real slow, smiled and said “ *CrazyDiamond’s indian name*, you ask such difficult questions” and then promptly zoned off. I even wistfully looked at a picture of a 42inch HDTV and willed my eyes to well up, hoping I’d appeal to some soft crumbly emotion of his, perhaps he'd hint with a nod of his head if I could buy it or a shake if I couldn't (yes, drama runs in my family). But no. That man’s a stone I tell you, a stone.

Throwing a house warming party this friday. So if you’re in Manhattan and passing by a small apartment with dimmed lights and great music but louder voices, yell my name. I might look out the window and watch you walk by.

But if you have a bottle of alcohol on you, we’ll lasso you inside. Anything except mulled wine. That’s too pretentious for our blood.


Aurora said...

I also want to come. :(

Anonymous said...

mulled wine too pretentious? tch tch we'll happily show you how to make it unpretentious

Anki said...

*husky morning voice*
tell me ur indian name
i will scream n shine
in ur lovely den

shenanigans said...

Will have one (or more) for you with Aurora, while we pretend we are in Manhattan at a swinging house party!

Asphodel said...

I know I started even working a little bit to make sure I'm not let go. I'm definitely not going to be let go, but paranoia crept into my toes and stayed there I guess.

Cheers to your house party, I wish I could walk by a strangers house party and get lassoed in. Thats an unbelievably nice thought.

OrangeJammies said...

Oh but stay. On Twitter, I mean. I'll even add you.
Happy new house. I'll holla when I'm Manhattaning. Which should be in about 3 lifetimes. Or less.

scout said...

mulled wine is brilliant. that's all i have to say.

now, let me use my serviette to pat my lips.

Zee said...

i agree with your opinion on lasted 2 days for me...

Anonymous said...

I miss snowfall.. :) Would love to see more and more of it.. :)
Enjoy your housewarming party!! :)

The Phoenix

CrazyDiamond said...

@Aurora: Come come...we'll host a party just for you.

@Anonymous: Fine then. Pick a date and I'll be there.

@Anki: heh...but no.

@Shenanigans: I also want to come :(

@Asphodel: I promise it's not just a thought. I do possess a lasso, or something that looks like it.

@OrangeJammies: Ah Twitters a bit lame for me. You kids have a good time. Also, Manhattan's overrated as I always say, so save them lifetimes :)

@Scout: whoa! are you the ghost of blogmas past. And why not be a posh one while you are at it eh.

@Zee: Lets convince OrangeJammies to ditch it too. Like a mini revolt.

@The Phoenix: I loved the snow. Now the Ice and cold winds are making me think twice...this "no pain no gain" thing is pretty irritating.
Oh and thanks for the was a drunken mess. Sigh, good times good times.

Asphodel said...

Heh. I'm trying not to be curious about what it actually is ;)