Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ma Rewa

You know what - writing insightful, soul bearing, prioritised desires in single succinct lines should be all the rage. No one can escape it I say. No one.

And if you’re strong enough to, then shame on you.

But seriously though, isn't there this charm that a list bears? Cathartic, binding, freeing, screaming, unchanging, constraining but dynamic if you have an eraser. Not entirely explainable but not entirely unexplainable also. It’s like the twilight zone.

Or, to bring things more in perspective and ask what is perhaps a much more valid and penetrating question - is it just the wine?

Yes, I’ve been drinking and here's my 20 prioritised desires before 35 list.
Cause 20’s daunting enough and 35’s a ripe old age.

001 Travel for 6 months, at a stretch. Anywhere remote.
002 Publish a book of poems.
003 Speak French fluently.
004 Buy a roadster.
005 See the grand prix in Monaco, the carnival in Rio and a polo match in Argentina.
006 Learn to cook. The fantastic kind.
007 Spend a weekend in Venice with the love of my life.
008 Spend a month in Tuscany with the love of my life.
009 Get married.
010 Bungee jump.
011 Master the tango.
012 Adopt a Labrador and buy a horse.
013 See Machu Picchu, the Pampas and the Aurora Borealis.
014 Shave my head.
015 Learn how to make wine and actually make it.
016 Start a band and record three songs. And then disband.
017 Have washboard abs.
018 Learn the nuances of photography.
019 Get a tattoo.
020 Always have an eraser.


Anonymous said...

Spending a month in Tuscany comes before getting married...hmmm :))

CrazyDiamond said...

umm...I meant 20 desires thrown randomly. Honest.

Anonymous said...

lucky this love of your life is i say

Aurora said...

So fun. When I turned 24 couple of months ago, I started asking myself what I wanted to do before 30. Have been working on a list too. :D

CrazyDiamond said...

@Anon: Hena?

@Aurora: put put. Put up.

Asphodel said...
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Asphodel said...

Hark tis The List! Okay, busuu.com is magic for 003 I promise.
And my list includes 18,2 (no, aint gonna give ya more links, you'll have to read me blog) :-D, the first and last of 13 and... I think I oughtta do my list just to remind myself, jeez.

shenanigans said...

I have at least 10 and half of those on my list too! Here's to making them come true.