Friday, November 30, 2007


Behind the door, she waited, she sighed and she debated. Between being happy and wanting to be happy. He's outside, parking the car, with a bouquet and a chocolate bar. Does he think he's had too much of this life or is he hanging on too?

What if the unkown boy of the future,
was the known boy in the past.

She loved him, but he lied. Told her he loved her and then he smiled. She saw through it all and brought it to a close. Time to move on, she’s with the next boy she wanted to know.

What if what you thought were lies,
you later found was truth.

He knew he was smart. College honours, high class job and the wit to go along. But the looks couldn’t keep up and the women went for the pretty ones. Nice boys finish last.

What if when wisdom comes,
everything else fades.

She finally smiled, opened the door, took the chocolate and the orchids. Said hey ho and kissed him on the side. Life’s too long to complain, over a few broken hearts and the one that got away.

What if...what if the unkown boy you waited for,
would be the boy that never showed.


Aurora said...

Pah. I say exactly the opposite. Must not settle for the past. Must wait for the future.

CrazyDiamond said...

Au contraire, I concur with you. Seriously, who wouldn't. Its the "accepted thing by society" to do so anyway.Hope in the future that is.

But with all the "keep hope in the future" posts going around, I was just playing devil's advocate.

Serendipity said...

I loved this!! got here surfing my way through.

I dont know whats harder, having the guts to stick with your heart and wait it out for someone who may not show up, or (being sensible?) and acepting someone whose nice and u know will keep you happy, but doesnt make your heart skip a beat.

CrazyDiamond said...

Serendipity...we welcome all surfers...we're as yet undecided about deep philosophers :)

But thats a strange dilemma, isn't it?