Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Am The Highway

Self reflecting day broken into points (cause its weirder that way):

1. I hate the sound of my alarm clock. Yeah, no surprise there. I suppose thats also one of the reasons it works every morning. Even on a freakin weekend.

But what’s worse is that its winning. The alarm clock that is. I swear to you. That cunning fox of a clock is hatching a plan by working its way into my subconscious.

Today afternoon, I was sitting alone in a coffee shop, doing the usual, whatever that is and suddenly I hear the clock. It hurt,no it pained..reached deep into me and brought out my deepest...well, pains. I’m usually sleeping when I hear this, so am not very threatening, but awake, I wanted to upturn the table, tear my clothes and slam my neighbours head into the wall. Thankfully, all I did was to throw my coffee in the air.

The coffee shop wasn’t much pleased. Not my fault that their microwave sounds like the devil worshipping thing that my Alarm Clock is (Notice the capitalised letters...yes, I’m giving it respect from now on).

2. I also took a journey to my past this afternoon. You know, trying to be nostalgic and the like. It was that kind of a day and I give in easy.

But the past is a country of its own. There are barbed wires all along the border and machine gun outposts every 50 yards. Civil war just around the corner.
So I got back a bit bruised. I like the present, only my Alarm Clock to fight with.

3. My potted plant almost died, what with all the snow and cold. But this plant I love, so I worked hard and its now happily revived. Not to its full glory, but much much better than when mother nature had her way with it.

About me:
Fights evil mechanical devices from the future threatening to take over the world, one mind at a time, jumps across borders and barbed wire to keep the past alive and saves lives from the ravishing effects of nature.
No movie offers or peace awards please. No time really.


Pri said...

hello i am troll.


Pri said...

i am offended by your cruelty to plants. also your cruelty to coffee.

CrazyDiamond said...

ooohh..nice nice..welcome!
I am very new to this troll thing but promise to be a good trolled on person (hehe) lets see...should I hurl abuses at you or ignore you or try to please you by complying to your issues...

I like the sound of "hurl abuses" ...hurls @$#%% at troll, proceeds to drop coffee beans in potted plant. There!

:) - loving this.

Pri said...

but see i don't hate you enough. yet. especially because your blogroll is practically my blogroll. i feel comforted at the sight of all those familiar names.

CrazyDiamond said...


Aurora said...



For more information on above-mentioned troll or to order new ones, please dial 1800-IWANTATROLL. That's 1800-YESYOUREADITRIGHTTHEFIRSTTIME.

CrazyDiamond said...

hehe - aw c'mon, you're not supposed to say "Love" .... play the part!!

Aurora said...

Oh damn.

Ok ok.

Lots of hate and bad luck,

Ambooj Tiwari said...

Errr...Saar, brilliant story Saar. Got everything saar. Romance, Drama, Tragedy, Happy Ending, Politics, War, Villain, Troubled Past and an actress in trouble ...I say brillaint saar...will go to hollywood Saar...hell will go to MARS...Oscar's and Cancun and Mars city and what not saar...Can we sign you for the movie, saar...or Pulitzer for that matter..pliss Saaar?

Aurora said...

Oye can you please stop being lazy and go read my blog and mail me? Be nice now!

Renovatio said...

The alarm I use is on my phone. I used to put the unplugged version Zombie so I could wake up to the sound of applause, but that subconscious need to break necks and shatter skulls of the applauders that you speak of started to worm it's way into my head. I've gone through plenty of songs, all until I've gotten sick of them, all starting off very loud and jarringly.

Don't waste coffee. Bad, bad, bad girl.

CrazyDiamond said...

@Ambooj :???...what story life?

@Aurora: stopped, read and written.

@Renovatio: my alarm clock is limited to microwave like sounding tunes only. I wish it could play zombie.