Saturday, November 24, 2007

Somebody Told Me

Ever noticed how the third song in any (or should it be most) album is the best of the lot. I’ve heard tell of this for a while now. Straight from the horses (read artists) mouth at times too. And now, I’ve tested it out as well. Random sampling has been implemented and the jury is in. All of them. Whatever.

The third song is the best.

Irrefutable proof? Thats crazy talk now.
No proof. Just me and the jury. We’re incestuous that way.

That was always going to be easy though. The tough part is figuring out which is the second best. Bugger!

Ok then... we’re going out again. The jury, me and our best friend - random sampling.


Aurora said...

I'm one of those awful people who downloads music, and that too not by album but by track. *gasp* So I can't say I agree. Or disagree. Somebody told me is a great song for sure though. iLike.

CrazyDiamond said...

Well, then download the third song whenever you download by track. :)