Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Let Me Down

Alright then. Sucker for requests I am - but I think this attention thing can be dangerous. Don't spoil me.


hmm...12 days....where to begin.

JFK, new Air India plane, very very fancy, Delhi airport, home in south delhi.

The wedding was in full swing and I sort of jumped in. The adrenaline rushing around is just brilliant in these gatherings, what with arranging the pick ups, the drop offs, the ghodi, the marriage car, the reception, co-ordinating with people etc etc. Frankly I was surprised with the faith that was entrusted on me. One mistake and things could run off keel any minute. But fear not fellow worrier, the faith wasn’t misplaced. The america-returned boy done good.

“Bhabhi”, had 3 friends. Instant liking to 2 of them was shown (I think I fall in love easily, its the getting out thats always been tough....) Fickle you say. Fine, I’ll take that.

So 2 I said. One was of the cute, girl next door kind. The other, the smart, witty, no bullshit, knows what she wants, the one that you want kind. Anyway, murphy’s law intervened, I mentioned the girl next door to my cousin when prodded (I suppose it was the fear of being alienated by the no bullshit girl by being told she’s fancied...you know what I mean...yes you do.) The cousin said he’d keep it a secret and help, but he was such a girl! Very next day, I was linked and teased and linked again..all very publicly. It was fun the whole attention thing I must say. Had to play along, what to do, she was cute after all.

Next time, not that there are any cousins left to be married off, I shall keep mouth shut or develop balls to talk to no bullshit.

Again, fear not fellow worrier (I don’t know what this really means or who I refer to, but I think its funky, so it shall stay and be repeated every now and again)....we’re facebook friends now....I suppose thats a step in the right direction. The long distance sucks though. Oh but Facebook friends with both. Sigh. Choices. Wink.

But man, my aunties, oh the roving eyes of my aunties, the all seeing....they saw it all...they spread it all. Within minutes, I was asked “those” questions, the whens the whys....I thought only girls had to put up with this shit. Sigh.

1 day later, Indira Gandhi Airport, old Air India plane, very very pathetic, London, 3 days later, Heathrow, same shitty Air India plane, gay architect with present from Chandni chowk for his husband, JFK.


Aurora said...

Hahaha, good to know even boys get the 3rd degree. Ever since I turned 23 and started working last yr, I keep hearing "beta, when are you settling down?" and all I want to say is fuck off, I am settled. I have a job. And a life.

Anki said...

that was quick :P
facebook friends!!!
that oughta do it

CrazyDiamond said...

@Aurora: that my friend is but the tip of the iceberg. It has this alien persistence to it, but then it gets easier to treat it as background.

@Anki: I think so. Though that makes me think that I'm doomed to have conversations with the unknown..