Friday, September 28, 2007

London Calling

Am flying off to London in a few hours...going to meet mum dad and the gang o drunkards I called friends...still call actually. A weeks too short for this kind of thing, but bloody corporate america and its holiday schedule. Anyway, a week will do.

This one's going to be a wicked trip - I can feel it - like my spine's twinging with the excitement it gets whenever I look back at those days, only now it can smell it too...smell it real close.

Hope the weather holds up.


Aurora said...

Sounds like you are all set, what with using British slang and all. I'm sure you'll have a 'wicked' trip. At least if it doesn't all pass in a drunken haze, like all my holidays seem to do!

Perspective Inc said...

Ooooh fun! Be good now! Oh, hell! :)

Shoonyata said...

Thanks for dropping by...yr feedback is very valuable. have fun in London.

Anki said...

ooooo londhon babyyy!!!
click pix n put em up


CrazyDiamond said...

@aurora: seeeee - soothsayer I was a wicked trip and I forecasted it perfectly. The drunken haze still persists though..this alcohol won't leave my blood..!!

@perspective: hehe

@shoonyata: had fun mate, had such a blast :)

@Anki: well see, you have this fantastic plethora of brilliant pics and I am in awe of that...I on the other hand don't believe in taking photographs... I blame it on years of being on holidays where everyone was never in any state to take pics...