Friday, October 12, 2007

Misty Mountain Hop

6000 miles, much sun and rain, much trying to copy the accent, and much more laughter than I had planned for, its back to the grind that is New York City.

This London just gets better every time...and one thinks its but fitting to write a few lines to declare one’s love ...of a city.

London, oh the ways in which I love thee...

- The music scene is pure brilliance there. Of course subjectivity filters in here, but I assure you...the live music streaming from the blues bars’ there shines.

- The accent - of course now.

- The no tipping concept. This is a much debated and usually hated issue with people who hang with moi. But really, what is with the compulsive, forced, tipping culture here in NYC. Even if service is bad, I am forced to tip here. London on the other hand promises that “what you see is what you pay” .... and you gotta admire the Brit for that. Well I do anyway.

- Everyone’s well dressed, abso-fuckin-lutely everyone. Compare that to NYC and one is like “what a dump”.

- The fact that London is a melting pot while New York is a Salad Bowl. Know what I mean...There is a lot of intermingling and "friends forever" culture among different ethnic cultures in London (e.g.there are a lot of inter race marriages in the UK).... In the US on the other hand, every race talks and works with the others, but at the end of the day keeps to itself and lives in its own divided pockets of the city.

Sigh...this is suddenly taking a serious and scarily political bent...and one hates getting serious and political, especially both at the same time.

Aight then to have me tea, with a cracker and a dash of milk. Bloody well then.


Aurora said...

Now there's a good lad. Welcome back.

CrazyDiamond said...

and here I'm dying to go back :)

Anki said...

i m getting quite jealous