Friday, September 14, 2007

American Pie

Oh tragedy! The number of fans on my orkut profile went down by 2...what the hell is going on? No seriously, what the hell is going on ! I don’t even know which 2, otherwise there is nowhere that those two could hide....I demand to know why I am not fan material anymore....I mean whats stopping the others from running away now.
I logon a scared man everyday.
Luckily, facebook remains unaware of this social decline of mine.

Lately, my roommate and I, have noticed a lot of Indian girls going after gora dudes over Indian mustandas (see I exhibit self inflicting humour too)..what the hell is going on here as well? Well not a lot, just 2, but those were potential girl friend material nonetheless...and very devoted to their ex indian lover boys...what is this behaviour of jumping ships - pray tell. Very confusing especially with the indian ex bf past - we men are simple beings and always expect history to repeat itself....this is unfair we say!

and lastly, I think Manhattan is overrated. Just like that. Places like this tend to be.
But I think Cheetos are underrated..yummm

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