Saturday, May 12, 2007

Things to do while I am alive

- Learn to fly fish somewhere in the Scottish Highlands
- Camp on an uninhabited island
- Spend a week in the backwaters of Kerala
- Drink a margarita on Isla margarita
^ Take a Bar-tending course
- Shoot a hole in one
^ Take parents on a vacation
^ Cruise to the Caribbean
- Run with the bulls in pamplona
- Visit Venice before it drowns
- Attend the Argentine polo championships
^ Gallop on a horse across an open desert
- Win a karaoke concert :)
^ Start a band
- Publish my book of poems
- Bun-gee jump, sky dive and scuba dive
^A Vegas weekend

Since I don't possess the inclination nor the time to figure out this blogger thingy and maketh it jazzier; I shall use the symbol "^" to denote stuff on the list already done - come to think of it "^" does have a jazzy aspect to it...ah whatever!

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