Monday, May 21, 2007

Different Joy

She grew up in the land of the hearts
Where the trees grow tall
And the leaves don't fall.
She was the apple of everyone's eye,
They all came to sing her lullabies.
The stars they all shone for her
And the rivers they all flowed for her
For when her first tooth fell
They found a treasury under her bed
It was as if the whole world were her pie
And she, the garden's beautiful butterfly

But now her eyes tell a different tale
Of a world broken and stale
No more sleepy lullabies and the rivers have all dried
And when you ask her why
She just throws up her hands and cries
Cries cries cries cries...
And between the empty spaces
Of teardrops and wine
You get to hear it all over again
A tale about heartbreaks and how it ain't fair
How the good one got away
And left her standing still
Alone alone alone...

Then I hold her
Not because she's in pain
But for the disillusionment she won't proclaim
And I tell her with my arms around her
That baby, life's the same for everybody
We all have the same stuff happening
All the same hurts and joys
But we all have different ways of watching it go by
We are all different spectators of our own lives
So what you see pain
If it were to happen to me again
I would just brand it a different joy