Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Space Oddity

I don't like the BBC.

I do however believe, that they're one of a few unbiased non-sensationalism-seeking news channels left. A belief that has been much strengthened after living in the US for a while now.

But it still stands. I don't like them.

Why? Well, there was this time when I used to watch them everyday. And loved it. Then one summer (it's always a summer that gets destroyed), I picked up a book to read, and I heard the BBC's male commentator's voice reading the words out back to me - this is the one who starts speaking once the pictures start. No matter what I tried that damn BBC commentator would chirpily pipe up in my head when I'd read a sentence. With his same sing song manner, the same pauses and the same accent. If I read aloud, he'd disappear, but that didn't appeal as a long term solution.

It was fun in the beginning and then got irritating very fast.

And it happened with every damn thing I read. The newspaper, the websites, even menu's in restaurants. Brunch tasted different that summer.

So I stopped watching the BBC. And stopped liking them. And eventually I drowned the bugger out.

But today, accidentally, while flipping channels, I saw BBC as an option, raised my eyebrows, and ventured forward as means of an adventure.

Now I'm dreading picking that book up. What if the bastard's back?


OrangeJammies said...


K said...

only one way to find out...

CrazyDiamond said...

@OJ: hmmm. I see how this is. My pains, your joys. hmpf.

@K: you only one way to find out. :)

Giedre said...

lol, yes. I can totally see this happening (although I've been fortunate enough to avoid it). I ran across your blog today and am really enjoying your writing style - keep up the good work!