Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Show Me How To Live

Look ma, he changed the look.

Damn right I did. I'm a sucker for marketing - I'll buy the iphone, I'll walk down organic food aisles, sell my soul to social networking sites, and perhaps jump on a few other bandwagons along the way. So what's a little blog redecorating, huh.
Or is it peer pressure? Or something deeper. Do I need a shrink for this? Do I?

Regardless, it is what it is.
And that's how the world goes.

And so I'm back. I missed this. I'll probably disappear again. But till then....


The happy traveller said...

I figured if you managed to do it, must have gotten easier. So ta masthead thats been sitting on my comp for over a yr now

Anonymous said...

Been a while since I came've changed the format!

aww...I really did love the former one!
I know things change with the times, but I really did take heart in the fact that this blog didn't!

Probably noone would be as disappointed as this anon. It was a cosy place to be in..felt like home while reading your blog. :)

ok..maybe it is time to call the shrink!


CrazyDiamond said...

@THT: A year! oh you exaggerating ... cat? why's there a cat next to your name?

@A: aw man. I'm so with you. If I had to write a comment to myself that's what I'd try and convey.

I don't like the new look sooo much. But I don't want to go back to the old. I'm a change hater, or in simpler words, I hate change. But what to do dear A, what to do...