Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tower Of Song

How's the good life treating you then? Plodding along hopefully... willing to punch me for asking such staid questions?

Argh, so desperate to sound cool. Sigh. Ok fine, I take full blame. But in my defense, I didn't have anything to start with, so I shot from the hip. And I'm more Indian than cowboy (*and then proceeds to remove tongue from within cheek*).

Now I've lost my chain of thought. I was going to take the desperate cool forward, but as you saw, my consciousness stepped in. Or something like that.

So instead I'll throw a thought that's been nagging me, your way.

Vacations. I've had it with canned vacations. Like driving out to see fall colours in Vermont, or some stupid trees in DC, going skiing in the Alps/Colorado, golf holidays, going to big cities like Paris, London, or even Miami. I don't really know what exactly I have had it with, what irritates me about them. It's most likely the feeling that they feel so... so safe. So normal. So boring.

And like with most forms of angst, I don't know the solution just yet.

Perhaps Everest Base Camp; Backpacking in colombia, where I don't know the language, maybe biking across it; River rafting for 10 days across a dangerous untamable river; A drinking trip, except one inspired by the ten deadliest drinks (found here, a website The Girl found and one that'll absorb me for the rest of the year for sure).

You got solutions?


Heathcliffs Girl said...

New Zealand!

dee said...

You've listed a whole bunch of good vacation ideas already, including the ones you've coined 'canned'. Jealous about the fall colours one. In the desperation for cool vacations, you ironically lose a sense of cool; take whatever vacation you can get and play along.

dee said...


cornycopious said...

LOVE the new background!

CrazyDiamond said...

@HG: Yes! That too...But only if I get to fight orcs

@dee: hmm, no dear Dee. The desperation is what removes you from the comfort zone that become your lazy peaceful star gazing vacations. I'll take them sure, but grudgingly. I'll take the adventurous ones, ungrudgingly...and desperately.

@dee: was horrible at them.

@Cornycopious: shit! forgive me this change then.

wiseling said...

Disneyland! *snicker*

wiseling said...

I think I'm back. I'd like to be back... How you bees?
(Sorry I have no insightful, groundbreaking travel advice. I've been being terribly boring on that front.)

CrazyDiamond said...

@wiselingx2: And disneyland is your comeback? I'd snicker if I wasn't so sleepy.
To bees or not to bees. What you cookings?
*one abstract to another abstract*

wiseling said...

Just in over my head with work, etc. how are things on your side of the pond?