Saturday, April 25, 2009

Burn ( by Ray LaMontagne)

Why do people say " Don't worry about it, It won't happen in a million years"... It's not like we’ll ever have a million years to test that shit out.

Yeah, I know, it's ridiculous. Like people saying "I have no regrets. If I had a choice I wouldn't change a thing"... I mean do they even sit down and consider the alternatives.

What if the alternative was being born as rich as a king, the body of a god and superpowers like flying and shit. Make any man or woman fall in love with you and do whatever you want where you want.

How the fuck is that absurd thing an alternative.

Ok I went a bit overboard. But there are always alternatives to consider.

True. But sometimes you’ve just got to realise that you’re all alternativ-ed out.

This conversation isn’t going anywhere.

Why do people say that? Why the intent to always get everything somewhere. Something even as everyday as conversations.


Cornycopious said...

Hey, I'm a new reader and an absolute fan!
What's up with you in this latest post, though? Why so angst-y? Don't you think these things that people say probably make sense at some level? If the odds of something happening are REALLY low, there is pretty much no point worrying about it. And isn't it then okay to say it won't happen in a million years?
And similarly for the no regrets? Doesn't it just mean that they are happy with the outcomes that most of their choices led to?
What good is it to consider the alternatives in hindsight, anyway?

Gigi said...

No new post since a while.

CrazyDiamond said...

@ Cornycopious: Yeah ok, I concede. That was a weird post. Thanks for the bolt.
But you know I don't agree with you one bit, right? :)

@Gigi: New posts are overrated.

珊珊李 said...
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sasa said...
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