Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brimful Of Asha

I've been working for a decent number of years now. And there's that feeling every now and again that I could have done so much more.

I don't mean work-wise, no. I never intended out ever to do more at the 9 to 5. Work's for the working class. I'm a bit of the dreaming class. We rarely attach much to what happens at the desk.

I mean otherwise.

For you see, I've always believed that ambition should be a negative word.
Hobbyist, explorer, adventurer and their derivatives on the other hand, should be words worth more than their weight in gold.

For you see, I've also always believed that I was born in the wrong century. A few centuries earlier and I'd be discovering new lands, fighting off people discovering my land, sailing on ships amid tumultuous seas, courting women I shouldn't be courting, a Romeo to your Juliet and if a girl, a Viola to your Duke. And yes probably dying very young. Can't win em all can you.


As you've well imagined, this is me having resorted to dreaming at work, for I've had enough of this fucking spreadsheet.


The Phoenix.. said...

Hey Crazy Diamond,

I am totally with you on the 'being born a few centuries earlier' bit! :) There's something more accomplish-able about those times..
You've echoed my thoughts in this post.. :)

The Phoenix

The happy traveller said...

Ya agreed...I would'v liked to be a hippie though, if only to be able to wear red with pink....sigh! damn capitalism!

Australis said...

Fucking spreadsheet indeed. I would be happy with this century, but just a couple of decades earlier. I want to wear tie-dye clothes and smoke weed and attend love-ins.

Australis said...

Oh, and use the word 'groovy' without being laughed at.

shenanigans said...

The weed, the weed! My life for the weed! It would even make writing copy for a panty-liner worth the agony :-)

CrazyDiamond said...

@ThePhoenix: hena? I like the accomplishable line.

@tht: Were there hippies a few centuries ago? oh you mean a few decades back...

@australis: Sigh, everyone's a hippy deep inside.

@australis: oh it's you again. :)

@shenanigans:Sigh, everyone's a hippy deep inside.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. You have a knack for making your readers smile. You are crazy for sure, but endearing too! :)