Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Ok then. Alcohol and me need to have a healthier relationship. These hangovers are giving me hangovers!

Friends’ over from London and we’ve been getting the red paint and going to town with it. So thats the justification at least for the hangovers and also that the long weekend in New York city had to be paid its due respects.

Started off with midtown, after work. Midtown Mayhem the concept is called. 3 pints and much talk. Then to the Village. Place called...shit I forget. Not important really, every bar’s the same in the village. Oh how I hate the Village. No soul there really and way too touristy, if you ask me. But the best Kathi Rolls in town...yummy. Especially at 2 am. I know, the time just flew. Then off to home near the upper west side. Bar hoping. 3 bars. Dead poet, westside brewing company and the gin mill. Hangover, which gave birth to little hangovers. Lots of water at kitchen tap.

And the long distance relationship is getting onto different phases now. Its scary. Like, going to fall any minute. Refusing to start. Very positive the next. Its fun. But please don’t try this at home. Only trained artists.

Christmas was most sunny in new york. Went to Central park with a friend, walked in the rambles, which is a huge ecosystem inside central park and one of the top bird watching sites in the US. I googled that. Who cares really. But it was scary and we got lost in it. Got a coffee from the boathouse and sat on a rock near the lake. Sighed contentedly. Very much so.

Thought I’d do sooo much in this loong weekend. So Much. Drank and made merry. Thats a lot come to think of it.


Aurora said...

Yeah, that is quite a bit. Drinking and making merry, i.e. And I so identify with not remembering the next morn the name of the place you went to the previous night. :PPP

Renovatio said...

But you've got new years eve to truly discover your capacity to deny a hangover from kicking in.

Arvind said...

I suffer from this condition where no matter how much I drink, I border on the edge of high and never get drunk!
I have never thrown up, never passed out, never woken up that fateful morning wondering where the heck I was...
And in eventuality, I don't even know what a hangover feels like..
And I've tried so so hard..

People tell me I'm lucky.. Bah!