Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mardy Bum

Rhetorical questioning of the blogging kind.

- Why is it that female bloggers are more interesting than the alternative.

- Why are the best drugs illegal. On that, why are the best things illegal. Is that what makes them best -- ah too much for a hangoverish saturday morning to consider.
*ties knot for later reckoning*

- Why is it that when I choose shuffle on my iTunes it always chooses the boring lot of songs.

- Why on earth do I have a “boring lot” of songs.

- Why the fuck can’t money buy love.

- Why have I been choosing song titles as my blog titles all along.

- Why are almost all my friends happy in their jobs but not in their social sides.

- Why do nice guys finish last.

- Where have all the nice girls gone.

- But seriously what’s up with this iTunes shuffle. Its pissing me now. *throws knot at lappie, insitgates iTunes shuffle further*


Aurora said...

Rhetorical as your question may be, I have to say that money CAN buy love. For an hour or so. :p

CrazyDiamond said...

ah conditional love...blasphemy!

Perspective Inc said...

Lol!! Nice girls are boring, nice boys even more so. Not only are the best things in life illegal, they are fattening too! Am glad you brought up shuffle, thats a conspiracy I tell you!!