Friday, August 24, 2007


This guy has had a crazy week reader. Ups and Downs, sideways, pushback...the whole chit bang paraphernalia. And I'm not sure if I liked it all. Sigh.
Actually, I think there's a pattern here. Its not that the worlds conspiring or God hates me...nah, its not the usual reasons.
The thing is, I think I feel like typing and writing these blog thingies only when I'm not feeling the "happy". I wonder why. Maybe I have subconsciously built in the concept that the best writers are the depressed writers. Sigh again.

So let me tell you about my week so that you can read it all in 5 minutes and vicariously derive pleasure from someone else's mishaps. Think of it like the Gladiator days of yore. The crowd shouting and pleasing and enjoying the suffering below and then going to their pretty lives afterwards! Ah sigh with me.

The week started with my boss developing this crazed illusion that keeping me in the office till late at night, would be the perfect solution to understanding and taming the recently raped financial markets. The markets still remain raped and my boss still is rock solid in his delusions. I get fucked in the process. But isn't that how these things roll anyway. Freak.

And then on the luove front, I had been developing this relationship with this girl for some time on the new american dream, i.e. Facebook. It was going perfect and I was totally like Brad Pitt personified in my know, saying the right thing at the right time kinda. Well, so it transpired that we decided to meet up this week. So meet we did and I blew it to tiny tiny shiny shiny pieces. It was insane I tell you. I totally transformed into this random loser fuck and there was even this out of body experience where I saw myself digging this beautiful stinky mess, but it was so deep that even though my out of body gave a helping hand, my sinking-in-the-mess body was in so deep that it was all futile ( I have now developed a hatred towards the word futile, for some reason or the other)
Ah well. At least we both got decently tipsy. But that was it. Took taxi to respective homes and now my messaging brad pitt like personality is heartbroken. And you know what..... I actually liked this girl. Ah the possibilities that have been eliminated. Sigh Sigh Sigh.

So then, enjoy the suffering..take it in, feel happy...relatively that is. While my super messaging personality fights it out with my loser fuck personality - and this time I am not for the underdog.

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