Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Alright...so I think I’m onto something now.Consider this...

If you were given the option to choose exactly one superpower, what would it be? Just one huh.

Most people, first thought, they choose the power of flight. I think its proven somewhere or the other. Regardless, assume it so.

But oh of course, you, yes you, the one with the left-right head movement - we wouldn'tt have chosen flight right - cause we're way too creative - aren’t you now?....any-case, sarcastic superpower aside, most people choose flight! Like Superman!

But consider the power of flight as a superpower on its own, bereft of super-strength and what have you - you couldn’t fly at more than 10-20mph for fear of a branch breaking your ass, or fly into big buildings or testosterone pumped villains...looses its appeal doesn’t it a wee bit.

So then, digression superpower aside (alright I’ll stop), as we live within the constraints of my question, ...what pray would you be choosing?

After a lot of wondering and deep thought, brought about by a soberness of late and gamuts of free time...I think I’m onto something...


Ponder it dear non-invisible humans.

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