Thursday, March 8, 2007

History is written by the victor

Two brothers they were. And ruled a vast majestic kingdom, they did. I could use sentences to say they were happy and I could use sentences to justify their reign. You might want to hear of their bravery and tales of their victories. Some other time perhaps - right now I don’t have the inclination nor the desire to elaborate on such detail. Right now I am the one who needs answers from you.

Anyway, digressions aside - as is the case with such instances, the two brothers fought - and as is the case in such circumstances they waged a great and majestic war. To cut a long story short one brother won and the other was banished out of town.

There, I’ve said it all. And thats all there is to it.

But look what you’ve gone and done. Yes you. You Humans. The lot of you.

You’ve created something out of it after all - something called a “religion”. Brother A, the one who won, is now called God and Brother B Satan, the evil breed. And the rest is lost in history - ah I love using your cliches, though I fear they’re going out of common usage and what a waste that would be. So let me bolster the cliche culture a wee bit and use another - the one that I love the most - “ History is written by the victor” - and you dear Humans are living proof of it all.

Let me elaborate on my heresy.

The Victor, yes he wrote your history. Books he wrote my silly believers, books. The Gita, Quran, Bible and what have you...Perhaps it was just a joke from his side. Perhaps like a child he wanted a make believe world in his historical lies. His lies, his books, his version, your history, your God, your Satan.

Two brothers they were.

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