Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

How do you make god laugh?
You make a plan.

Philosophy+comedy. Those are strange bedfellows.

I often philosophise you know. In my head, out loud, to strangers, to god, sometimes even on a blog. And it's grown more as I've grown older - comes with the territory I suppose. Comes with the angst. And angst you see only develops if you've lived a lot, loved a lot, destroyed a lot, missed a lot. Among other things.

Yes, it's got twangs of being very depressive. So why do it?

There's a trick in it really. Career, life, money, babies, old age, friends. How to live, how not to, how to forgive, how to stop asking how to's - you've got to find the silver lining. The comedy. That strange bedfellow to your angst. To your philosophy.

Otherwise it's just words.


Anonymous said...

Like! Do write more often!

cornycopious said...

It's about time you philosophized on this here blog!

The Individualist said...

lol @ the plan. I've heard this somewhere though. The God-plan joke. In a day and age that hardly allows for rumination of any sort, I think being able to take the time out to philosophise can do wonders to one's inner calm.