Monday, March 8, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

To tell you the truth, the honest god forsaken and all the different kinds it comes in, truth - I don't know that much of the written word to describe how much of a blast it was.

But if you were in front of me and saw my hand gestures, the excited tone in my voice, the eyebrows with a mind of their own, the bulging eyes themselves, you'd see my point. Even if I didn't have to pin you to a wall and scream it out, you'd see it.

I lived those two weeks.

I laughed, I danced, I drank, I sat on a horse, I wore heavier clothes than I've ever worn, some jewelry too yes, I hugged a thousand people, I reflected a million flashes of the camera on my skin, I made my jaws ache by smiling so much, I walked in a daze, I saw family and friends I hadn't seen in ages and I cried for it, and I smiled for it

...and she looked so lovely through it all. And I crossed my fingers every time I managed a secret glance at her.

Now we're busy assembling ikea furniture and the camera's are slung on tourist necks clicking past me at the buildings and the concrete.

Shit I miss the attention.


Cornycopious said...

CD - You are back! I have missed your beautiful prose.
Have been checking for updates everyday despite the fact that I have stupid, STUPID finals in 2 days :(
Which reminds me, the date stamp on this latest post is March 8, but it did not start appearing till today. Blogspot malfunctioning?
Hope you are having a fun time despite all the attention you are no longer getting. Take heart in the fact that you no longer have to steal secret glances :)

shenanigans said...

congrats, you married man! How does married life feel like? am sure there are a lot of compensations for the absence of secret glances :-)

Australis said...

:)So fun. You're back. No other wedding will be same now na? Someone else will get all the attention, shit. :P

Aso, Happy Budday. Belated.

brokenS I L E N C E said...

welcome back.....i misssed reading're going to miss the "Attention" for a whie...i was in a wedding some months ago and i still miss the attention and excitment, funny thing wasn't even my wedding!

Bird said...

Congrats. The high does last for a few, yeah?

CrazyDiamond said...

@Cornycopious: Did i ever say I like that name.
And beautiful prose is a bit much. We're very shy and will have to go into hiding to recover from this.
(which doesn't mean that you can stop the compliments coming in though).

No idea about blogspot. It's just trying to be human by malfunctioning.

@Shenanigans: heh, yes lots. And it's grand.

@Australis: Thank you muchly. Belated.
Yeah man, what this attention thingy being so fickle. I'll still strut in your wedding. ok?

@brokensilence: It's true isn't it. Now I'm addicted to it. The attention that is. Sigh

@Bird: thanks and it lasts for more than a few. I'm still living off it.