Monday, January 11, 2010

Hellhole Ratrace

“You’re very well read.” That’s what she said.

You’re not sure what that means really.

The english language relies heavily on relatives. Perhaps the other languages do as well, but you never bothered to learn them, so commenting on them becomes a technicality.

It’s all relative. “Very well read” relative to the average person. Does that even matter. “Very well read” relative to the people she knows. Should that be a compliment? An insult?

You never bothered to know the people she knows, so technicality claims another victim.

You keep quiet. Nod perhaps.

“You’ve changed.“ That’s also what she said.

Fuck hell you have.
You, you change in the course of a day. There are moments every day you shed an old skin and grow another. Some are subtle, still camouflaged, some so completely new, they revolt with the environment. Given that you are meeting her after a year, that's 365 possible sheddings. You'd wager that the maths suggests they can't all be of the subtle variety.

This time you tell her all that. And for extra measure add, I’m not sure what you mean.

“You know what I mean.”

No I don’t. I’ve changed to something you don’t like. Is that what you’re hinting at?

She keeps quiet. Perhaps nods her head.


lulu lawn said...

sink sink sink sink that ship

hudgahudgahudga jooooule

parrot pine

Australis said...

No fun when you're all dark and all. Go back to chirpy mode I say.

And yes, I am finally back here. :)

Anonymous said...

some of us live for the changes.

Meghan said...

A friend used to tell me that I was smart. I knew I wasn't; I knew that everyone in this town is just fucking stupid.

I like your writing.

shenanigans said...

Hmmm...cryptic...and leaves me wanting to know more.

CrazyDiamond said...

@ lulu lawn : And what if that sink won't ship. And what if the parrot won't pine. Will casablanca wink?

@ Australis : stop it. stop dictating my life. hmpf.
And phew finally you're back. I was feeling lost.

@ Anon : And thank god for that :). Cause you'll get lots of it.

@ Meghan : But if you knew that everyone else was stupid doesn't that make you smart?
Thanks much.

@ Shenanigans : really? I wonder if there is more. what if that's it.

Joram said...

brilliant sir, i like your style.

CrazyDiamond said...

@joram: thanks muchly

Alex said...

Простенько и со вкусом. Very nice!