Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raincoat Song

I do not understand the legacy thing.
Ambition also I don’t. Nor the need to break one’s back to prove to the world that you’re worth the salt.

I’m not saying that since everything boils to nothing at the end and that you’re always invariably going to be forgotten, why bother with life.

No, that’s not what I’m saying.

Even if it does all boil down to nothing, and no one will care about you or what you did after a while (which they really won’t), you’ve still got this time to fill right?
Between the cradle and the grave.

I’d rather fill it with something fun than existential angst. We live very short temporal lives. Relative to a butterfly we might live long, but not relative to much else. So chill I say. And chill well.

I mean if you’re doing it for recognition in this lifetime and pure adulation or the comforts that the money buys, then you’re thinking like me. But morals and virtues. And you’re fooling with it all then.

It’s not a selfish thing.

The comforts, are after all subjective. You could be comforted by helping others and that’s all good. Or comforted with a new golf set that only you use. That’s all good too.

Why should altruism get more than it’s worth?


Utopia said...

Sigh! Morals are virtues are always relative and differ oh so conveniently from person to person. I am content being happy in the head.On second thoughts I never had to bother myself with a legacy that I had to live up to. Maybe it is a different kind of expectation. But to let that become the bane of my existence is another extreme. I know someone who does that effortlessly. Hmmmmm!

Anki said...

greed is good

CrazyDiamond said...

@Utopia: True that. It's all relative. I meant a legacy that you want to leave or build rather than live upto though. But regardless,it's all relative.
And that's the fuck up if you ask me. We need an absolute world.

@Anki: hell yeah. Ayn Rand junkie.

Anki said...

filmy junkie
u wall street junkie